We invite you to learn about Business Law Group, LLC

Welcome! Business Law Group, LLC is a specialized and unique law firm providing General Counsel services (corporate, commercial, technology and employment law services and transactions) for small to middle market companies. Business Law Group was founded in 2003 by Bruce Galaro, a former in-house General Counsel, as a fresh legal solution for these companies on the simple proposition that (i) business lawyers should know as much about business as they know about the law, and (ii) cost should not be the first thought of a company executive when working with a business lawyer.

Business Law Group provides corporate counsel services and innovative legal solutions to many clients in this market segment including technology companies, industrial manufacturers, food processors and distributors, consulting firms, start-up enterprises, and telecom and related services companies. In the often look, act and sound alike world of law firms, Business Law Group stands out in the crowd.