Listed below are two outlines and one white paper all derived from conference or client presentations. Please click on the appropriate link below to view a presentation. If you have any questions on any of the subject matter, require additional information or think any of the topics may be appropriate for a presentation to your company or industry group please contact us.

Protecting Company Intellectual Property Through The Use Of Employee Agreements Your employees are exposed to and use much of the company's trade secrets, intellectual property and confidential information in order to perform the jobs you hired them to do. However, how do you keep that valuable information secure and prevent it from being used outside of the company when an employee becomes an ex-employee? The key is to put the proper protections in place at the time a person becomes an employee, and this outline addresses what you can and cannot do in this area.

Teaming On Proposal and Major Opportunity Responses - The Fundamentals Quite often, the best way to increase the odds of winning the large project award, engagement or order is to partner with other companies that possess complementary goods, services or experience. While this is a good idea, there can be pitfalls for the unwary and this outline covers the basics.

Reduction Of Risk In Business Communications Words that you thought would only be understood in a purely marketing, administrative or other non-legal context can become weapons to be used against the company in a legal context as contractual statements when the company gets into a dispute with a vendor, customer, employee or prospective employee. This white paper discusses the pitfalls and avoidance strategies.