Client References

"Bruce Galaro of the Business Law Group, LLC, has been my company's General Counsel for over 10 years, and in that time I have come to understand the true definition of a good lawyer. My company is a 28 year old professional consulting business with over 100 employees providing services to the Fortune 500 industrial companies of the world that improve operation and financial performance through best maintenance and reliability practices. With a client base of Fortune 500 companies we had to elevate our game throughout all aspects of the company, and Bruce has anticipated and more than satisfied all of our legal needs, including those related to corporate matters, intellectual property protection, financing and lending, contracts and agreements, employment/labor, compensation, government affairs, risk management, and other legal matters throughout his tenure. Bruce has been instrumental in the strategic growth and development of my company and made major contributions to the perception of our company in the marketplace, enhancing our reputation for professionalism, excellence and integrity. The level of sophistication and complexity increased every year of Bruce's tenure, and he never missed. Beyond being a great lawyer, Bruce brings a practical businessman's perspective to every challenge and provides critical and insightful counsel on strategic as well as tactical decisions. Bruce is a man of impeccable integrity and I have come to rely on Bruce's counsel among my top two or three advisors. I know I can trust him to give me unvarnished advice which is always serving the best interests of the company. In the last year the challenge increased dramatically as we marketed and sold the company to a Fortune 500 acquirer. Bruce provided the mergers and acquisitions legal support necessary to engage an investment banker and prepare documents, and more importantly served on the lead negotiating team with the finalist suitors. Bruce's skills and experience resulted in an excellent final deal. Faced with a cadre of lawyers from the final acquirer's team (there were many of them), Bruce singlehandedly dealt with the myriad of requirements including those related to the deal documents and the due diligence, and he actually stayed ahead of the buyer's legal team and in many instances challenged them to keep up with him despite their many lawyers, paralegals, assistants, etc. The buyer later commented that MRG is a $25MM company that acts like a $1B company, and Bruce had a lot to do with that perception. I can say without question that I would not have gotten the company to the point we are today without Bruce Galaro by my side. Bruce is a consummate professional and a trusted friend and advisor, and I can offer my most unqualified endorsement and highest recommendation."
Robert DiStefano
Chief Executive Officer
Management Resources Group, Inc.

"Running the Juran Institute (a global consulting firm with a diverse Fortune 500 clientele) we regularly encounter important business and legal issues such as stock and equity matters, banking transactions, international business, human resources matters, real estate deals, and contracts to name just a few. Several years ago we needed a pragmatic, responsive and competent business attorney to work with us on all of these matters. We selected Bruce Galaro based upon the recommendation of our CFO and supported by many of his clients. Bruce has worked with us for nine years and he possesses an experienced business perspective not often found in the larger law firms. We are very pleased with our decision to retain his services."
Joseph De Feo
President and Chief Executive Officer
Juran Institute, Inc.

"It is important in any legal practice to be able to team with a co-counsel on certain transactions as an additional professional resource. I have teamed with Bruce Galaro on several corporate transactions over the last few years and he brings to each transaction the knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness that I have come to rely upon and expect from a top tier corporate and business attorney. He is a very valuable resource."
Richard M. Neville, Esq.
Founding Partner
Neville, Shaver, Hubbard and McLean

"Bruce has made many outstanding contributions to the corporation over the past several years, continues to do so, and has helped me in my role in countless ways. He is the consummate professional and a key advisor to our entire executive management team."
John Koehler
Chief Executive Officer
Vital Network Services, Inc.

"Over the course of working with a person for many years at three companies on a variety of legal and business situations, you really get to know that person quite well. For any company looking to associate with the best the corporate legal profession can offer, I unequivocally recommend the services of Bruce Galaro and the Business Law Group."
Michael Gabriele
President and Chief Executive Officer
Perfect Software

"Bruce Galaro was referred to us by our CPA firm when we needed assistance with an intricate equity transaction a few years ago. He successfully drafted, negotiated, and guided us through the deal and continues today as our corporate counsel, advising and working with us on the many business/legal issues a growing, manufacturing company encounters. We are very pleased that he represents our interests."
Larry J. Becker
Reidville Hydraulics and Manufacturing, Inc.

"Every corporate executive wants a corporate counsel who can talk in business terms and not just legal jargon, knows that legal issues are not academic exercises but always have very real financial and business conditions attached to them, and who will be fast in responding to issues and getting documents out the door. I am always confident when I call upon Bruce Galaro that I not only get all three, but I also get an experienced business and legal counselor with whom to discuss and resolve the issues."
Jack Loprete
Chief Financial Officer

"As a startup company, we urgently needed a responsive and experienced business attorney to work with us on a huge variety of matters, and we were fortunate to have Bruce Galaro of the Business Law Group referred to us by our patent attorney. Bruce not only provides excellent legal advice, but he also has an impressive range of contacts, background and experience that we draw upon. He truly cares about the success of our company and is willing to support us in ways far beyond what would be expected from a law firm."
Holly Doherty
Founder and Managing Director
Future Health Strategies, LLC

"Bruce can discuss a complicated transaction in both relevant business and legal terms, and always gets us to the important points in a deal that we have to win while highlighting the issues we can concede, and at all times mindful that the deal needs to be closed quickly."
William Lawrence
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
Avalere Software, Inc., Kenetec, Inc.

"I have worked with Bruce over the past several years at previous companies and now at MRC on countless corporate and business transactions, from contract matters and employee issues, to highly-complicated corporate deals. I value his business counsel as much as I value his legal skills and knowledge. He is an excellent addition to any company's team of advisors."
Dr. Shaker Sabri
Chief Executive Officer
MRC Networks, Inc.

"What makes Bruce Galaro an excellent attorney is his finely-honed business sense in addition to his legal skills. His depth of experience with many organizations and industries enables him to zero in on and resolve the legal issues in any transaction in light of the required business objectives."
William Conway
Private Investor
Former Vice President Strategic Development
PCTel Corporation